Groups and HNIs with an international investment scope and activity, need effective, compliant and cross-jurisdictional solutions and structures.

With our knowledge of, and adherence to all the rules, regulations and statutory reporting and other requirements in our main working jurisdictions, clients can focus on their core tasks and operational challenges, without the distractions of reporting obligations or other non-core issues to divert from their attention.

Our team of professionals are experienced in international tax planning structures, transfer pricing issues, corporate governance and shareholder protection matters, and operational efficiency. These translate to sound, relevant and honest advice, with a global and multi-generational perspective, resulting in efficient working structures.

Our offering includes:

– Company Formation and management services
– Bank account and cash management services
– Relocation and Migration Services
– Support on creating and maintaining business substance
– Bookkeeping and accounting services.

Fiduserve is licensed to operate as a Licensed Administrative Services Provider, with License number E415/F/2013 issued by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus.